Arts and Crafts Lighting

Design Options:

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Room Applications

Arts and Crafts Chandeliers #350-360: Dining rooms and Kitchens are the most popular rooms for use of this light and each of the customization options allow you to create a design that is perfect for your home. No matter the size of your room, we offer options ranging from standard, large or grand size. Please see our product page for a list of room size recommendations.

Light Fixture #300-310: Due to the low-profile design of this decorative fixture, it works perfectly with low ceilings. Customers use this fixture in all different rooms of their home: Bedrooms, Hallways, Kitchens and Dining rooms. Customers might use four or more of these fixtures for an elegant lighting design in a large room with a low ceiling.

Pendant Light #524-521: This is a larger size fixture and ideal for large dining room tables and large kitchen islands. Though we only show two shade options here, you can select any shade from the #351-358 chandelier collection. Previous customers have custom ordered a mini version of this pendant light. Please call for custom orders.

Common Questions about the Arts and Crafts Ceiling lights

Can the round pendant light 197, 198 and 199 hang from an angled ceiling? Yes, they can! The fixture is built to handle a 5-degree angled ceiling. If your ceiling is greater than 5 degrees, we will use a loop and hook to allow the fixture to swivel as much as necessary.

Can the 300-301 series hang from an angled ceiling? Absolutely! If you give us the slope measurements of your ceiling, we are able to cut the hanging rods to the correct size. In addition, the loops have a small amount of adaptability on the fixture to be used as a micro adjustment when installing the lamp.

How do the light bulbs change on the Round Pendant Lights? These fixtures have an open top design for additional light output and the ease of changing bulbs.

Type Of Bulbs & Sockets

All of our fixtures use a standard, everyday household light socket also known as a medium base socket. You are able to use regular incandescent, fluorescent or LED bulbs in our fixtures. The maximum watts are posted on each separate product page. If you are using an LED bulb, customers tend to prefer the “soft white” when compared to the “daylight” bulbs. The daylight bulb has a very slight blue hue when illuminated.