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Our classic style light fixtures are rich with comforting colors and tones taken from nature, as well as smooth and structural designs inspired by the 1900s. Mission Style Lighting is the true embodiment of philosophy that simplicity is the pinnacle of sophistication. All Lighting products from The Mission Studio are handmade by expert craftsmen with solid and durable materials, making them the perfect investment for any home. Fixtures numbered 600-610 are also available in a square version on our Arts & Crafts lighting page

Room Applications

  • Classic Mission Chandeliers #600-610: These fixtures most commonly used in Dining Rooms and Kitchens. All our customization options allow you to create a design that is perfect for your home and stylistic preference. Depending on the size of your room, you can select regular, large, or grand size fixtures. Please see our product page for room size recommendations.
  • Flush Mounted Mission Style Ceiling Light #700-710: Because of its low-profile design, this decorative fixture works perfect with low ceilings. Customers use this fixture in all different rooms of their homes including Bedrooms, Hallways, Kitchens and Dining rooms. For very large rooms with low ceilings, customers will use four or more of these fixtures for a most elegant lighting design.

Common Lighting Questions

  • Where is the wire?
    On all of our fixtures, the rods are hollow so that the wire can run inside the rod. The loops/hooks are also hollow allowing the wire to fit easily inside.
  • How do you measure the hanging height?
    We measure the hanging height from the ceiling to the bottom of the glass. This helps to determine the head clearance as you walk under the light fixture. A great way to measure hanging height is to hold up a rule to the ceiling to measure how far you’d prefer the light fixture to extend downward.
  • Can these fixtures be dimmed?
    Yes, if you’ve installed a dimmable bulb, our fixtures can be dimmed. Many customers choose to use LED bulbs and some are not dimmable.
  • What type of bulbs do these fixtures use?
    All of our mission style light fixtures use a regular household bulbs, commonly referred to as medium base bulbs.
  • Is the hardware available in oil rubbed Bronze or Nickel?
    Unfortunately, not at this time. We specialize in fine wood and glass, keeping all the hardware a very dark patina to provide a more simplistic look.
  • Are custom sizes available?
    Yes. Custom sizes are available at an additional cost. Why? We build our lighting with an efficient system of patterns, templates, specific part sizes, and boxing. When the size changes there is up to 5-20 hours of re-engineering the building, and packing processes. Custom sizes are more cost effective when ordering fixtures in quantities of ten or more.
  • Do the Mission Lights install as one unit?
    No, this would be very difficult. On almost all fixtures the glass box, wood frame and electrical components are separate and assemble as you install the fixture. This accounts for a much safer and easier installation process.
  • Do the larger ceiling fixtures mount in one place at the electrical box?
    No, our large fixtures mount to the electrical box and include two additional mounts. These mounts go to your ceiling for additional support.
  • Are the glass colors real stain glass?
    Indeed, they are! All of our stained-glass light fixtures are real stain glass pieces cut and soldered into place.
  • What woods are available?
    We specialize in Quarter-sawn Oak and Cherry. However, depending on the project we will use other types of woods by request. Please e-mail for more details.
  • Can I have the glass box/shade custom made thicker then the standard 3 1/2"?
    We have made the glass shade thicker on the Mission Chandelier but the cost is very high due to the custom stain glass and larger custom packing.
  • Are the Mission Style Chandeliers available unstained?
    Yes they are, to order the fixture unstained please order by phone.
  • How do you change bulbs on the #600-610 series?
    These light fixtures a open on top so you can access the bulbs very easily.
  • How do you change bulbs on fixtures #700-710?
    This fixture is flush mounted to the ceiling so the wood frame has 4 knobs in each corner that unscrew to give access to the inside and change bulbs.
  • Is the wood frame and glass shade one unit?
    No, the shade and frame bolt together when you install the light. This design has two advantages, shipping is safer and more efficient, and the fixture is easier to repair if it was damaged at some point in the future.
  • How thick is the glass box/shade?
    The glass box is 3 1/2" thick.