About our HandMade Fixtures

What is Mission Style Lighting?

Mission Lighting: A style of decorative light fixtures and lamps popular in America from 1910 to 1940. These handcrafted light fixtures featured authentic raw materials such as, glass, metal, and wood. Composition and design were intended to match the Craftsman style homes of the period.

Craftsman Style Quality & Construction

Construction: We pride ourselves on building our Arts & Crafts Lighting in the Old-World Artisan tradition, with care and attention to detail. Great patience and delicacy are poured into the making of each lamp. Each piece of handmade lights has an unparalleled uniqueness you won’t find anywhere else. Our Artisan design promises to add everlasting elegance and beauty to your home.  Check out this page for more detail on our Handmade Mission and Craftsman Lighting

Glass Shade: One very unique feature in our Craftsman Style Lighting is the USA hand-rolled stain glass. Our artisans use a traditional stain glass process that includes carefully hand cutting and measuring each piece of glass, and then foiling copper around the edges. This copper foil will allow us to join all the copper foiled glass with a hand melted solder and assemble the glass shade. Each shade will have anywhere from 4 to 80+ pieces of glass. This part of the building process is very time consuming and must be done with perfection to create a high quality finished product.

Wood Frames: We select only the finest wood for our individually hand built frames. Our wood is cut, joined and sanded with great attention to detail, creating a beautiful finished look. Our stock consists of mainly Oak and Cherry wood. However, other types of wood can be used for customized frames.

Staining: Our proprietary 8-step hand-rubbed finish and sanding process is one of our secrets to creating beautiful mission light fixtures.  We create a satin shine by using both a water and oil stain to color the wood. The final coat is a Tung oil finish, and apply a thin coat of wax to seal and protect the wood.

Vision: Our mantra is to create elegant Arts and Crafts style lighting that will last for generations to come.

Design: All light fixtures are original Mission Studio designs, inspired from architecture and design from the early 1900’s. The high quality, raw material used for your pieces are reminiscent of the same period.

Origins of design: The Craftsman style period in American history spanned from 1900 to 1940, a time when skilled labor was affordable and raw materials were inexpensive. Average families building homes from wood such as Oak, Mahogany and Elm with elements of handmade tile, brick and stained glass were possible. The Mission designs originated in England around 1870. Immigrants migrating to the United States modified their own versions of the designs to housing and home decor markets in America. These artisans started the movement by building millions of homes in places such as New York, Chicago, Boston, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, San Francisco and many more established cities. These same designs have continued to grow in popularity in interior design including furniture, carpet and lighting. True raw materials such as wood, metal and glass have been and continue to be truly unique decorative items.

Customize your Craftsman Lighting

Accent Glass Colors: Our Mission Light Fixtures offer 13 brilliant glass color choices for all types of home décor. How do you select glass colors? Most customers like to match decorative details of their home such as; flooring, window coverings, wallpaper, room color, stain glass features, paintings and wall hangings.
One popular question customers ask is how do the unusual glass color combinations look? And the answer is some of the odd accent glass color pairings are the best.

Main Glass Colors: Two colors are available, Whispering White and Caramel. Carmel offers the warm amber glow and creates a classic cozy ambience to a space. About 40% of our customers use Caramel glass for their light fixture. Whispering white offers brighter & whiter light, useful for fixtures used on a daily basis when brighter light is needed.

Stain colors & wood types: We offer Cherry Wood with a clear finish and Oak in 5 different stains. Unstained is optional upon request and custom stain colors are also available for and extra 4% of the purchase price. When selecting a wood color about 70% of our customers prefer to match their home and about 30% prefer to have a contrasting color.