Craftsman Style Lighting Fixture #502

Craftsman Style Lighting Fixture #502
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Lighting plays an enormous part in our environment and our perception. The hand cut glass is translucent and creates flowery patterns across the shades. Part of the light peeks through the gaps below and part is filtered through the wood which adds to the warm ambiance. The Craftsman Style Lighting Fixtures stylish and uniquely designed lighting fixture brilliantly showcases the finest American craftsmanship when it comes to light fixtures and can be used around the home to bring a special atmosphere to the living space. The luminary also has features such as long life, low glare and limited maintenance.



  • Instructions: View
  • Hanging Height Shown: 20" See Heights
  • Ceiling Board: 42" x 8" Custom sizes are available.
  • Glass Shade Size: 6" x 6" x 9".
  • Frame Size: 11" x 11"
  • Dimensions: Click for Photo
  • Wattage & Bulbs: 3 Bulbs with 100 watts maximum for each bulb for a total of 300 watts.
  • Bulb Type: LED, fluorescent or incandescent.


  • Most customers use this piece as a Dining Room light or for Kitchen Light, or as a Craftsman Island Light.

Calculating Hanging Height:

  • Over A Table:
    For the Craftsman Style Lighting Fixture in any size we recommend 5' 11" to 6' 7" from the floor The factors to consider are, will I hit my head when I bend over the table, will this fixture block the view of the window, wall decorations or someone standing across the table 
  • In An Open Space:
    6' 6" to 7' 6" from the floor, in some cases even higher depending on the application.
  • Measuring Hanging Height:
    Hanging height is determined by measuring from the ceiling to the bottom of the glass. One of the best ways to measure is to hold a yardstick or tape measure up to the ceiling and see how far you want the fixture to hang down.


  • Main Glass Color:
    Two colors are available: Caramel Cream and Whispering White. The Caramel Cream glass, when illuminated, offers a beautiful amber glow. However, the Whispering White glass is approximately 20% brighter.  The Whispering White glass has some small streaks of amber within the glass and is not pure white.  If this is a fixture you will use daily, the brighter and more white light of the Whispering White is a more popular option.
  • Wood Color and Options:
    The wood is hand picked ,cut, sanded, and joined by hand. Our artisans use Oak wood stained with your choice of Dark Cherry, Mission Brown and Golden Oak. Custom colors are available for an additional cost. Clear oiled Cherry wood is also an option.